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Hiring of 08 LSGs for Chancery & CG's residence

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No Duba/Admin/815/1/2009

Consulate General of India, Dubai

Invitation for Tender

Sealed tenders in 2 (two) Envelopes System are invited from eligible Contractors for the under mentioned requirements as per terms and conditions set forth in the Tender Documents:

Tendering Authority

Consulate General of India, Dubai

Invitation Ref no & date

No Duba/Admin/815/1/2009

Procurement Method

Open Tendering Method

Source of Fund

Government of India

Tender Name

Hiring of professionally trained 08 Security Guards including one female guard for Consulate Premises and Consul General’s Residence.

Earnest Money Deposit/ Tender Security Amount

AED 5,000/- (Dirham Five Thousand only) by way of Banker’s cheque/Demand Draft in favour of Consulate General of India, Dubai. Any bid not accompanying with Earnest Money Deposit/Tender Security Amount shall be rejected. The EMD of unsuccessful bidder will be returned within 30 days after the award of the contract. The EMD will be forfeited in case the bidder withdraws his bid during the period of bid validity or in case of a successful bidder, the selected bidder fails to sign the agreement in time or furnish performance guarantee or furnishing of any wrong information.

Tender Submission date

Publication Date : 24.01.2018

Pre Bid Meeting : 13.02.2018 (1500 hrs)

Last date of submission of bids : 20.02.2018 (1400 hrs)

Tender Opening Date & Time

Technical bids will be opened on 21.02.2018 (0900 hrs) & Financial bids will be opened on 22.02.2018 (1500 hrs). Intending tenderers or their authorized representatives may attend the opening of tenders.

Eligibility of Tenders

The invitation of tender is open at all eligible tenders as mentioned below:

  1. Security Agency should have a minimum of five years of overall experience in providing security personnel and related services and proven expertise in the field of security in UAE and have successfully completed similar type of work in any Govt / Semi Govt. / Autonomous Body / Embassy / Consulate.

  2. Tenderer must have up to date Trade License.

  3. Tenderer must have relevant ISO certificate.

  4. Tenderer must have Dubai Police Security License.

  5. Tenderer must submit bank statement of last 06 (six) months.

  6. Tenderer must submit a copy of the security related topics covered during training schedule of the guards.

  7. Tender should have inhouse training facility for its employees.

[Tenderer must include, as part of the tender, attested copies of documents mentioned above to establish their qualifications to perform the contract.]

Performance Guarantee

The successful bidder is required to submit 10% of annual contract amount before the commencement order is given and within 10 days of signing the final agreement. The EMD of the successful bidder may be adjusted in the performance guarantee by depositing the difference in amount of performance guarantee or alternatively EMD could be refunded by taking a fresh The guarantee shall remain valid during the tenure of contract period. The guarantee amount in full or part may be forfeited in the following cases:

  1. When the terms and conditions of the contract are breached.

  2. When the service provider fails to comply with minimum service levels agreed upon.

  3. Failure of the service provider to comply with statutory requirements shall constitute sufficient grounds for annulment of the award and forfeiture of service guarantee.

Name and address of the office Receiving Tenders

Office of the Consul (Head of Chancery), Consulate General of India, Dubai.

Name and address of the office for opening Tenders

Office of Consul (Head of Chancery), Consulate General of India, Area No 312/8, Um Hurair 1, Dubai.

Name and address of the officer(s) selling Tenders Documents

Consulate General of India, Dubai (Al Hamriya, Diplomatic Enclave Area No 312/8, Um Hurair 1)

Special instructions

  1. The tenders should be submitted in two sealed covers – the first sealed cover should be superscribed “Technical Bid” and second sealed cover superscribed “Financial Bid”. Both the sealed covers should be placed in the main sealed envelope superscribed “Tender for hiring of Security Guards” and addressed to “Head of Chancery, Consulate General of India, P.O. Box No.737, Dubai’.

  2. The ‘Technical Bid’ should contain – (a) The requisite information duly filled in as per proforma at Annexure-I; (b) Agency profile including previous experience of manpower supply to Government Departments, total number of guards permanently working with the company; (c) Demand Draft/Banker’s cheque for Earnest Money Deposits; (d) All other required documents. The bidder should also clearly mention in the tender that the terms and conditions of the tender are acceptable to them.

  3. The ‘Financial Bid’ should contain rates which are to be quoted on monthly basis as proforma at Annexure-II. This should also mention statutory taxes as applicable.

  4. The Tenderer shall submit documentary evidence in respect of their financial and technical capabilities and also of their experience in execution of similar nature of work.

  5. The tenderer can submit only one tender. A Tenderer who submits or participates in more than tender will be disqualified.

  6. The Agency/procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the Tenders without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

  7. Two sets of Tender shall be submitted, one in original and one in copy. In case on any discrepancy between the original and the copy, the original shall prevail.

  8. If the Tenderer submit any false-incorrect or forged certificates, his tender will be summarily rejected and the Tender security may be forfeited.

  9. The Tenderer should be compliant with local regulations as regarding hiring of manpower for Security purpose and also with local taxation laws.

  10. Quotation should be valid for at least 120 days.

Scope of work

To hire 08 professionally trained Security Guards (7 male and 1 female) for Consulate premises and Consul General’s Residence (Villa No R-21, Plot no 178, Emirates Hills-3, Phase-1, Dubai).

Consulate Premise: 5 male guards + 1 female guard (6AM to 6PM); 1 male guard (6PM to 6AM).

CG Residence: 1 male guard (6AM to 6PM) and 1 male guard (6PM to 6AM).

Scope of Work:

  1. Perform 12 hrs duty (day shift) and 12 hrs (night shift) x 7 days a week. 12 hrs Day shift will be from 6 AM to 6 PM while 12 hrs nights will be from 6 PM to 6 AM.

  2. Take periodic patrolling and surveillance for suspected activities of visitors in premises.

  3. Keep watch over for any sabotage, damage, fire and safeguard the property, men, material, machines and document system at site.

  4. Frisking of visitors at the Entry gates and checking vehicles seeking entry into Consulate premises.

  5. Monitor X-ray machine, use of Hand Held Metal Detector, Door Frame Detector and assist in regulating visitors to the premises while being polite and courteous with visitors.

  6. To be alert and detect unattended packages and strange objects and respond in emergency situations like fire, law & order, medical etc.

  7. Security Guards to be very alert on duty, both physically and mentally throughout the shift and report any issues immediately to the supervisory officer in the Consulate.

  8. Company will ensure to maintain proper supervision over the security personnel with regards to their discipline, alertness, proper uniform, conduct in the course of their duty and carry out periodic surprise inspections.

  9. Perform all security duties assigned by the Consulate.

  10. Transport for Pick and drop services for Security Guards will be the responsibility of the Company.

Note: Only Security Guards of Indian nationality or those from friendly countries, who are security vetted by the Consulate & Local Govt Security Department, should be deployed. Consulate reserves the right to accept/reject any Security Guard deployed.

For any tender-related enquiry/query/clarification please contact: Head of Chancery

mail: hoc.dubai@mea.gov.in

The tendering authority reserves the right to accept any tender not necessarily the lowest, reject any tender without assigning any reasons and accept tender for all or anyone or more of the articles for which the service provider has bid.

Any bid received by the tendering authority after the deadline for submission of bids will be rejected and not be considered and may be returned unopened to the service provider.

Annexure I

Technical Bid

Head of Chancery
Consulate General of India

Dear Sir/Madam,

I/We, ____________________________, Representative(s) of M/s.________________________________ solemnly declare that:-

  1. I/We are submitting tender for the hiring of Security Guards against Tender Notice No.Duba/Admin/815/1/2009 dated 22.01.2018.

  1. Myself or my partners do not have any relative working in any office of Consulate General of India, Dubai.

  1. All information furnished by me/us in respect of fulfillment of eligibility criteria and other information given in this tender is complete, correct and true.

  1. All documents/credentials submitted along with this tender are genuine, authentic, true and valid.

  1. The Price – Bid submitted by me/us is “WITHOUT ANY CONDITION”.

  1. I/We have not been banned/de-listed by any Government or Quasi Government agencies or PSUs.

  1. If any information or document submitted is found to be false/incorrect, Consulate may cancel my/our Tender and can take any action as deemed fit including termination of the contract, forfeiture of all dues including Earnest Money and blacklisting of my/our firm and all partners of the firm etc.

  1. All the terms and conditions of the tender are acceptable to us.

Yours sincerely,
(Signature of Tenderer)



EMD Details

DD No and date:

Amount in DHS.

Name of the Bank:


Name and Address of the Bidder:










Mobile No:


Category of the Bidder (Whether company, partnership firm or Proprietary concern)


Details of Owners/Partners

(Please passport copies)


Name of Chief Executive Officer and Telephone No.


Year of Establishment


Trade License Number

(please provide copy)


Yearly turnover of the last 2 years.


Name and Address of the Banker


List of major Clients and the size of orders executed

Note: Separate sheets may be attached wherever necessary.

Signature of the Tenderer

With stamp and date


Financial Bid

S No

Job Particulars/category

No of Guards

Rate per guard


Total invoice Amount per month in



Male Security Guards for 12 hrs day shift duty in Consulate premises


Lady Security Guards for 12 hrs day shift duty in Consulate premises


Security Guard for 12 hrs duty night shift in Consulate premises


Security Guard for 12 hrs day shift at Consul General’s residence


Security Guard for 12 hrs night shift at Consul General’s residence




Note: Perform 12 hrs duty (day shift) and 12 hrs duty (night shift) x 7 days a week. Day shift will be from 6 AM to 6 PM while 12 hrs nights shift will be from 6 PM to 6 AM. The service provider has to provide lots of smartly uniformed guards having minimum education of 10th standard & below 50 years of age to be screened before deployment. The selected guards must support with medical fitness certificate issued by authorized medical practitioner along with proof of character & antecedents vetting by local Govt. security department. All the guards must possess training in basic security duties of access control & anti-sabotage checks besides use of HHMD, DFMD, CCTV monitoring, baggage & letter scanners etc. Preference would be given to local language knowing guards possessing English language skills.

Signature of the Tenderer

With stamp and date