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Press Release on contract signing with Dubai Expo 2020

Posted on: April 10, 2018 | Back | Print

Consulate General of India

Press Release

India and Dubai Expo 2020 signed a contract today for India’s participation in Expo 2020. The contract was signed at the Expo 2020 site in the presence of Mr. Navdeep Suri, Ambassador of India to UAE, Mr. Vipul, Consul General of India, Dubai and Dr. Tarek Shayya, Board Director-Chief International Participants Officer.

Mr. Manoj K. Dwivedi, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India signed the contract from Indian side while Mr. Najeeb Mohammed Al Ali, Executive Director, Dubai Expo 2020 Bureau signed on behalf of Expo 2020. India has designated Mr. Binoy Kumar, Special Secretary, Department of Commerce, Government of India as Director General, World Expo 2020 Dubai. 

The contract provides for the setting up of India pavilion at Expo 2020 on an extra large plot in the ‘Opportunity’ segment. This is in tune with the great opportunity for economic activity that India provides today, on the way to becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2025. Ambitious programmes like Make in India, Smart Cities, Digital India, Start Up India, Housing for All, Universal Health cover and infrastructure projects provide unparalleled investment opportunities in India. 

The aim of India’s pavilion will also be to connect with the priorities of UAE by showcasing India’s strength in innovation and start ups which are pushing the barriers in high technology areas like artificial intelligence, fintech, space and green energy. The pavilion will focus on connecting minds through sustainable and futuristic technologies integrated with rich traditions which have been nurtured in 5000 years old Indian civilization. It will be a fine blend of modern outlook and of billion dreams and millions of opportunities with a focus on building a happy world. The immense cultural diversity of India will also be in display through the pavilion.

India pavilion will be developed in public-private partnership mode. Leading industries will work with central government and state governments to participate in India’s pavilion. A number of state governments, various ministries of central government and major industry associations and businesses have shown interest in partnering and participating in Dubai Expo 2020 which will take place for six months beginning October 2020.

India’s participation in Expo 2020 is reflective of the comprehensive strategic partnership between India and UAE. The relations between both countries have particularly strengthened and expanded with regular exchange of visits at highest levels in recent years. Apart from the traditional people-to-people and business ties, trade and investment add further vibrancy to the relationship.

April 10, 2018