Press Release on E-Migrate

In response to the article published in the newspaper ‘The Hindu’ from New Delhi on 28th May, 2017 regarding the e-migrate system and its implementation for overseas employment, the comments of the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi as follows:

  1. The e-Migrate Project for the recruitment of Indian workers across all the 18 Emigration Check Required (ECR) countries was launched by Government of India w.e.f 1st June 2015. The e-Migrate system is fully operational in UAE and other ECR Countries and being implemented successfully. For the recruitment of Indian workers, the Foreign Employers (FEs) have to first register online with the e-Migrate system. Once approved by the mission for registration, the registered FE can either recruit workers directly or through recruiting agent (RA) in India. The main objective of the e-migrate system is to discourage illegal recruitment and unscrupulous employment practices, to protect Indian Workers and to transform into a simple, transparent, orderly and humane process.
  2. The e-migrate system enables :
    • To reach and regulate the emigration for overseas employment
    • Assisting emigrants and reach out to them in case of need
    • Registration of stakeholders (RA & FE)
    • Availability of information to emigrants (Employment contracts, details of RA, FE etc.)
    • Rescue/repatriation of emigrants in distress
  3. The e-migrate system does not violate sovereignty of any country and it only requires some basic details of the Foreign Employers those who recruit Indian Workers, for their registration and to process the recruitment applications as per the requirement of FEs in a transparent online system. FE data can be provided by UAE authorities and we would be more than happy if such details are provided by UAE side. We (embassy/consulate officers) never inspect or survey the company premises in UAE. The entire e-migrate system is online and there is no human interaction/interference at any level. It is evident that we respect the Sovereignty of UAE and question of violating it does not arise.
  4. The e-migrate system is designed to safeguard the interest and protect the basic rights of the Indian Workers working abroad. The Embassy has not received any complaints so far from any Foreign Employer on the implementation of e-migrate and rather the foreign employers have shared their happiness and satisfaction for implementing such a transparent online system by Government of India which ensures speedy recruitment as per the requirement of FEs.

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