Individual Workers

Documents required for Recruitment of an Individual Workers by an Overseas Employer
(Except Female Household Service Workers)

S.No Name From
1. Application for a Permit for Recruitment by an Overseas Employer. Annexure – I
2. Consulate Permit Form. Annexure – II(in triplicate)
3. Individual Employment Contract. Annexure – III
4. Authorisation for Completion of Formalities at the Office of Protector of Emigrants. Annexure – IV (in duplicate)
5. Standard Model Employment contract


6. Employment Visa in original and 2 photocopies. Two
7. In Case of Online Visa, copies of the Visa with Sponsor’s Signature and Seal on it. Two
8. Photocopy of the Passport of the Worker. One
9. Photocopy of Trade License of the Employer One
10. Photocopy of the Employer/Sponsor’s Passport One

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  • PRO/Employer/Sponsor’s personal presence at the Consulate is required for submission of papers.
  • Papers from the Recruiting Agents or their representative(s) are not accepted.
  • In case of employee of the company other then PRO/Employer/Sponsor, an authorization from the company is required for submission of papers.
  • Recruitment of Female Workers below 30 Years of age who falls under Emigration Check Required (ECR) category is not permitted.
  • Original Trade License of the Employer/Company. (Original License will be returned after verification).
  • Sponsor should sign the documents at the Consulate in the presence of the Officer.
  • Original Seal of the Sponsor should be affixed on the Documents.
  • All forms should be typed.(Forms with overwriting and/or with correcting fluid will not be accepte).
  • Original Employment Visa for verification is required.
  • Signature of the signatory are to be verified from the passport photocopy.
  • Name and details in the passport to be verified from the Trade License.
  • In case Sponsor/owner has authorized one of its employee to do acts and sign on behalf of the company, a copy of the Power of Attorney should be provided and signatures to be verified from Power of Attorney (POA).
  • Only legible Photocopies are acceptable. All photocopies should be verified from the originals.
  • Ownership details may be verified from the Trade License.
  • Details mentioned in the employment visa, passport, employment contract and other documents should be same e.g. Name of the worker, passport number, visa number, visa issue date, salary, name of sponsor, sponsor’s passport etc.
  • Minimum Reference Wage (as revised on April 2011) must be adhered to. Annexure.

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