Checklist for recruitment of Indian Female Household Service Workers (FHSW) & Female Beauty Saloon Worker

Qualifying conditions

  • The intending employer (other than a UAE national ) will have to approach the IVS Global Centre Click here accompanied by an Indian national, who would personally guarantee the character and the social standing of the intending employer
  • FHSW proposed to be recruited should not be less than 30 years of age at the time of the issue of her Employment Visa
  • The minimum wage for FHSW will be AED 1,100/- per month. In addition, FHSW will be entitled to free food, accommodation and return air fare every year to visit India and a prepaid mobile phone with SIM card on her arrival in the UAE
  • A refundable security deposit of AED 9200.00 (UAE Dirham Nine thousand and two hundred only) per FHSW would need to be deposited with the Consulate which will be refunded after the final departure of the maid from UAE


  • Directly by the employer.
  • Through a Registered Recruiting Agent (RRA) in India. (Click for the list)


The intending employer would be required to submit the following documents to the IVS Centre :

  • An Application seeking permission to recruit or employ an FHSW giving the full particulars of the employer
  • An undertaking by the employer and a guarantor (not related to either maid or employer). Such a guarantor would be required to visit Consulate with his/her original passport and a copy thereof
  • Standard Employment Contract attested by the Notary Public, Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • An income certificate indicating individual or with spousal income of not less than AED 10,000/- per FHSW
  • Photocopies of the passports of the employer, the Indian guarantor and the proposed FHSW
  • The original visa with a copy of the FHSW to be recruited

For saloon workers

  • No Objection Certificate from the Father / Husband / Mother of the Worker on Indian Stamp Paper attested by a Notary Public. In case the of single female worker/ worker who does not have any living father /mother / husband / brother, a SWORN affidavit may be required from the worker
  • Photocopy of a document such as Passport / Ration Card / Election Identity Card of the Signatory of to be attached to the No Objection Certificate
  • A letter from a relative of the worker in UAE or the Company undertaking full responsibility of the worker. If letter is signed by a relative, photocopy of the Passport of the relative should be submitted along with the letter
  • Copy of the Employment Offer Letter issued by the Company
  • Photocopy of the Certificate(s) of Courses done by the Worker

Click here to download forms


Subject to documents being in order, the Consulate will:

  • issue a letter granting permission to recruit the FHSW
  • attest the Employment Contract
  • visa of the FHSW

The attested Employment Contract and the attested copy of the visa would then need to be forwarded by the prospective employer/sponsor to the FHSW in India for completing departure formalities with Protector of Emigrants (Click here to for the list and jurisdiction).

Entry Interview and Exit Interview

Within 15 days of the arrival of FHSW, the sponsor/employer MUST bring her in person to the Labour and Welfare Wing on any working day between 1400 hrs to 1530 hrs (Ramadan timings: 1400 – 1500hrs) for individual/joint briefing and ENTRY INTERVIEW with following documents:
– Contract Paper
– Original Passport of the FHSW
– Passport copy of Sponsor

Similarly, at the time of leave travel and before the final exit of FHSW, she must be brought in person for individual/joint briefing and EXIT INTERVIEW on any working day between 1400 pm to 1530 pm (Ramadan timings: 1400 – 1500hrs) for individual/joint briefing with the following :
– documentary proof of salary record (bank transfer, purchases etc)paid to FHSW
– Cancellation Paper/document
– Passport of the maid
– Air Ticket

Refund of Security Deposit

The Security Deposit would be refunded on termination of the contract.

Before the exit of the FHSW, a request for refund may be made in writing by the employer/sponsor in person along with the employed staff. The application for the refund will be processed provided NO DUES are confirmed with FHSW.

Employers are advised to transfer wages and dues – to the extent possible – by verifiable means with a documentary trail and retain salary slip/transfer details that may be required at the time of EXIT interview.

Should FHSW complain of non-receipt of dues or if the Consulate has to incur any expenditure on her accommodation, food, local transportation and airfare to India, these expenses will be deducted from the Security Deposit and the balance amount refunded to the employer.

In case of transfer of employment of FHSW, security deposit will be refunded only after the new employer deposits the security deposit with the Consulate.


At Labour & Welfare Section
1400-1530 hrs (Ramadan timings: 1400 – 1500hrs) Registration of Housemaids
1400-1530 hrs (Ramadan timings: 1400 – 1500hrs) Cancellation of Registration of Housemaids.
Submission of application for refund of security deposit can be done during morning hours 0900 hrs – 1000 hrs

All queries with regard to the recruitment of FHSW from India/refund may be addressed to

Labour & Welfare Office
Phone: 04-3971222 / 04-3971333 (Ext. 208)
Fax : 04-3570531
E-mail :

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